Dance With Us This Summer

Class Days & Times

Weekly 40 minute Ballet/Creative Movement Dance Combo for youth ages 2.5 – 5.

Every Wednesday @ 3:00 pm ET, beginning August 16th, 2023

*For days cancelled or missed due to the teacher, class payment will be prorated and refunded for days missed.


Must Have Dance Attire.

Leotard: Royal Blue Cap Sleeve or Camisole
Skirt: Black Dance Skirt
Ballet Shoes: Leather, full sole, pink or flesh tone
Tights: Footed flesh tone tights.
Bottoms: Black joggers, sweats
Top: White t-shirt


There are no classes in observance of the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving: November 20 – November 24
  • Christmas: December 18 – January 5 

Fall & Spring Performances

  • 1 Live Performance right before the Christmas Holiday will be videotaped with excerpts posted on our YouTube channel.  Join our page by going here.
  • Live Performance will be held at Art Is Motion Dance Studio in Lilburn, GA.  More updates are forth coming.
  • 1 Video Performance right before the Thanksgiving Holiday will be videotaped with excerpts posted on our YouTube channel.  Join our page by going here.
  • Weekly classes are recorded with excerpts of class posted every 3 – 5 weeks.
  • Additional updates for class are sent via email.
  • Please reach out to Ms.Zakiya at 678.263.8772 for questions, concerns, or more needed info. We are always happy to serve you and your child!

8 Weeks, 2 Themes incorporating Dance, Imagination, Language, and Science!


Weekly 40 minute* Dance Combo Class for youth ages 4 – 5

Every Wednesday @ 3:00 pm ET

June 5 (Wednesday) – July 31st

NO CLASS: June 10 – June 14

Designed for young explorers aged 2.5-5 years, our eight-week program is a blend of dance, language, and essential life skills. With themes like “Beaches, Sun in the FUN” and “Princesses and Princes,” children will not only learn dance but also French, American Sign Language, water safety, and engage in imaginative play.

  • 8 weekly sessions
  • Non refundable for classes missed.
  • 1 Recorded Performance happening in July.
    * Classes are recorded weekly. Join our YouTube Channel to view your child’s growth and development.
  • Take home activities.
  • Registration is ongoing
    There are no discounts for late sign ups.