Who Is First Evolution Arts?

First Evolution Arts, LLC (First EA) is a multifaceted education company focusing on technology and the arts.  We are referred to as one of the most impactful educational providers and a cultural force across continents that continues to provoke growth.

Where our evolution began…

First EA began in January 2016 as an in-school coding and graphic design program at Stone Mountain Middle School. Initially, a 13 week project based middle school curriculum, the program was soon requested by Atlanta Public Schools to service their After School Initiatives and Summer Camps for youth ages 5 – 12 in 2018. With a focus on the underserved community in the metro Atlanta area, we have successfully impacted over 2000 youths since our inception.

To ensure our evolution we have continued to blossom into a multitude of products and services with technology and art at their center. Our brands include Zallet Fitness: Focused on improving one’s body and mind through dance, yoga, and fitness, Zallê Couture: Focused on creating and curating unique handmade and vintage clothing pieces for women, The B.A.D. (Business Acumen Divas) Agency: Focused on creating coding and application solutions that automate, streamline, and increase bottom lines, and Queens Conversations: Focused on providing mentorship and safe spaces for abused women.  

At First Evolution Arts, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our EvOLVED system is designed with this principle at its core, aiming to provide comprehensive, enriching learning opportunities for all. While we continue to offer our selective, high-quality classes that have made us a trusted name in the community on our own Learning Management System, we are also eager to broaden our horizons.

Our goal is to serve a diverse and global audience, extending our reach beyond local boundaries. To this end, we are open to collaborations with larger educational partners and providers, such as edx.org. These partnerships will allow us to share our uniquely crafted courses on their platforms, reaching millions of learners worldwide.

In our mission to promote lifelong learning, we understand the importance of accessibility and diversity in education. By extending our offerings through these major educational platforms, we strive to make our EvOLVED system a global hub for creative and technical learning. Join us in our journey of evolution, as we transform the learning landscape and empower individuals through education.

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