of learning, growing, and EVOLVING in fun through technology, robotics, and the arts!


Students serviced worldwide!


Years of being a certified vendor for Atlanta Public Schools After School Programs and Summer Camp services.

Why Choose Us?

Hours to service your center: For in school hours, we service between 8am and 3pm. For after school hours, we operate between 4pm and 6pm. *must have at least 5 students to begin service.

Administration: We take care of all of the administration for you.  We handle registration, sign up, and payment directly with the parents.

Material: Facility must purchase robotic kits for full class.  Facility must have a minimum of 5 available tablets or laptops for coding and robotic activities.  If you need assistance with ordering, email info@firstevolutionarts.com.  Parents must purchase appropriate dance attire.

Pricing: Pricing stated is per student for the total time of the class and is charged directly to the parent.  If you are interested in a group rate for your school please email us at info@firstevolutionarts.com.

Additionally, we require teachers to hold the below documents in order to maintain employment.

CPR/AED First Aid Certified

Degreed, Licensed, Professionals

Covid-19 Negative Test Agreements


Background Checks